The Council of Godric

Also known as “The Five Powers,” this was a self-appointed council of five archmages that oversaw the flow of magic in the world.

There was a time when magic moved wildly through the world the same as weather moves now. A storm of arcane energies was as likely to form as a thunderstorm in those days. With that there naturally came those that sought to control this power, thus came wizards.

After a time, the five most powerful wizards of the world saw that the wizards of the world were growing too greedy and rash, disturbing the natural flow of magic and using their power to oppress others. Thus, the five most powerful formed a pact to police and control the magical energies of the world.

For 300 years (the lives of the council members were greatly extended due to their direct contact with the magical ley lines of the world), the council swayed the arcane powers of the world, subduing the arcane torrents and eliminating wizards who would abuse their power.

As time went on, however, the council began to lose their way. They began to abuse the very power they sought to oversee. Some of them began making pacts with dark forces. Once Dagda began to see what they were becoming, he proposed that the council be destroyed. A ritual was performed which severed the council members from their ties to the ley lines, thus removing their vast power. Each of the council members went their own way after that.

Council Members


The Council of Godric

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