The Ripples of War

Week 2 Review
in which our heroes kill some goblin scum.

Our heroes fought valiantly through the old catacombs that the Goblin band had taken for their own. Their leader and his pet Dire Wolf were struck down after a long and bloody battle. This band of monsters will no longer trouble the village of Harken. In the pocket of one of the goblins was a curious note. It instructed the goblins to begin bringing villagers to a place known as Waylon’s Dagger. The mighty Tiefling Warlord (whose true name escapes me at the moment, but in some circles he is called “Claude”) had heard tales of a ruined tower deep in the woods by that name.

The party returned victorious to Harken. Old Kellar handed out the promised reward. When questioned about “Waylon’s Dagger” he couldn’t provide much information, aside from offering that the party should visit Phaedrus, a learned hermit who dwells in the woods.

Being industrious adventurers, Amatsu and the Warlock with no name found Philip, a merchant in town, who was willing to purchase the used weaponry they had gathered from the goblins.

That night the party celebrated at the local pub. Chopps challeneged the bartender to a drinking contest; and being a dwarven brewmaster, he simply couldn’t refuse. (You’ve never seen a drinking contest like one between two enthusiastic dwarves!) Being the stoic paladin that he is, Trogdor sat quietly in the corner, sipping his ale whilst his companions drank themselves silly. Chopps won the drinking contest, earning free ale for the whole party.

The next morning the party set off into the woods in search of Phaedrus the Hermit. They soon found a small cabin in the woods where an old man dozed on the front porch. Amatsu shouted to wake the old man, who woke with a start and went into his cabin grumbling. At first he wanted nothing to do with the adventurers, but the Warlock, being a charming Eladrin woman, won the favor of the old hermit. He told them that Waylon’s Dagger was once the tower of a powerful necromancer. He built the tower in that place specifically due to the powerful necromantic magics that flow beneath it.

The party set off deeper into the woods to find the tower. At last they reached a clearing where they found a tower half fallen down. From the edge of the clearing they could see several ruffians dragging some bound individuals into the tower. Most strangely, though, was that upon entering the tower they found no one. Amatsu deduced, due to his adept dungeoneering knowledge, that there was a secret stairway below the floor, accessed by a hidden lever.

Descending into the dark, Amatsu found himself in a room filled with several men dealing in money over the prisoners that were just brought in. The party atempted to trick the guards with the classic “I’ve got some prisoners” routine. It almost worked, too, but the leader of the bunch became suspicious when the party failed to give a believable answer as to how they knew of this place. A battle ensued, and our heroes fought valiantly. At last only one of the bandits was left. Chopps held him while Trogdor scared him into confession. Unfortunately the man didn’t know much more than what could be readily descerned, so they killed him. Amatsu unlocked the cage in the corner, freeing the family that had been imprisoned there. The family thanked the party thoroughly and hurried out of the dungeon.

Week 3 Review
in which our heroes slay a punk-ass necromancer.

We last left our intrepid band of heroes as they had just fought their way into the hidden lair of slavers who clearly had some unsavory intentions. After Amatsu freed a family being held in this dank prison, Chopps took it upon himself to escort the family back to Harken Village to ensure their safety. B accompanied them to the edge of the woods to ensure that no more ruffians were waiting near the tower.

Trogdor, Amatsu, and Sa’reen continued to search the dungeon to find the ring-leader of this enterprise. Further up the hall the party came upon a small study. Spread out across the desk were books and papers pertaining to the dark arts. Sa’reen was able to identify one of the rituals as being necromantic in nature, though it seemed incomplete. Amatsu stashed a book in his bag for good measure.

Opening a door at the end of the hall, Amatsu silently spied three men dragging corpses into a room marked with a light blue glow. Before they were even able to realize what happened, Amatsu was able to pin one of the shadowed figures to the wall with an arrow. As the party moved in to engage, the corpses began to rise, with more making their way out of the small room. Fortunately, Trogdor was able to read the Draconic runes written upon the wall, and the party quickly deduced that the room could be magically sealed with their own blood, limiting the size of the zombie onslaught that came for them. As they engaged the undead menace, the three companions suddenly heard a resounding battle cry as B. Elzebub came charging into the room and laid his blade deep into one of the rotting creatures. Rotting bodies now strewn about the floor, the group gathered their courage and went on.

The final chamber of the dungeon reveal a frightening site. A necromancer stood above a dead man upon an altar, chanting a dark ritual, drawing the very soul out of the body. What followed was a ferocious battle between our party and the dark necromantic powers, the wizard screaming oaths and summoning up undead forces to fight at his side. Our heroes emerged triumphant as Sa’reen drained the necromancer’s remaining life by engulfing him in flame.

Among the necromancer’s scattered possesions, the party found a letter.

Marros, As promised, I have sent the resources necessary to continue your experiments. I expect to see results soon, as our need is growing greater by the day. Don’t fail me. G”

Baffled by the true meaning of this message, the party returned to the village of Harken, where they were reunited with their ally Tealey, who had been tending to the family that our heroes had rescued from the necromancer’s dungeon.

After a well-earned rest, the adventurers prepared to set off for the town of Panward’s Crossing.

Treasure Found Wavestrider Boots +1 Vicious Longsword +1 Curseforged Scale Mail +1 Rod of Dark Reward +1 Amulet of Protection

Week 4 Review
in which our heroes smash some creepy-crawlies.

Early one morning, having rested thoroughly from their previous adventures, our heroes Trogdor, Sa’reen, Amatsu, and Tealy set off on the road to Panward’s Crossing. B. Elzebub and Chopps sought their own path as they continued their adventures. Gleepglorp is probably drunk somewhere.

Our four adventurers travel half of the day to finally reach the bustling trade town of Panward’s Crossing. The guards nod a greeting to the four strangers as they enter the gates. Without much trouble the party is directed to the barracks where they meet Captain James Daniel. Captain Daniel informs the party that the Earl’s keep has been infested, from below, by a horde of creatures that seem eager to kill the people of this town. Due to the Earl’s best fighting men being sent away to war, the people of this town need adventurers such as our heroes to assist. Of course there will be a hefty reward.

Our heroes are led through the Earl’s keep to a back room, where a door leading to the cellar is heavily barricaded. Striking a Sunrod, Tealy peered warily down the stairs into the darkness. Amatsu crept silently down the stairs into the dimly-illuminated storage room. The signs of a struggle were all around. Responding to a signal from Amatsu, the three remaining followed down the stairs, the heavy wooden door closing behind them. They quickly spotted a large hole in the far wall that seemed to open up into a tunnel beyond. Without warning, two creatures dropped from the ceiling and began attacking Trogdor and Tealy, clawing at their backs. The team made short work of the beasts. Upon examination, Amatsu knew the creatures to be Kruthik, subterranean insect-like creatures that make their homes by burrowing through the earth. They expand aggressively, clearing an area of food before moving on to another.

Advancing through the hole in the cellar wall, the party found that the tunnel opened up into a wide cavern, where a pack of the beasts had set up camp. The largest of the creatures clicked and hiss at the others while they charged at the intruders. Twice our heroes felt venomous barbs pierce their flesh while fending off the smaller spawn. They found themselves victorious in the end.

Across the cavern they found three cocoons. One by one, Tealy sliced them open with her blade. To her horror, the cocoons contained men. Only one was found to be still living, though he was pale and wasting away. The party carried him back to the surface to recover. He warned the party that the creatures seem to be able to sense vibrations in the ground.

Wearied from their battle, our heroes took it upon themselves to rest for a time in the keep before returning to the caverns. Once their, they were dismayed to find that more Kruthik had advanced into the space. Tealy rushed in head-long to slay the beasts. She immediately regretted this decision when she was swarmed by a rush of Kruthik. Fortunately, her allies were right behind her and the creatures were destroyed.

Advancing through the cave, Sa’reen soon learned what the ailing man had meant about the vibrations in the floor. After walking no more than 30 feet further into the cave, a Kruthik hatchling burrowed up from below her and clamped down on her ankle. After destroying the pest, the party crept carefully across the next open cavern. As Sa’reen reached the far side of the room, a young Kruthik burst from the wall and attacked her. It wasn’t long before it had summoned its compatriots to its side. With a series of intensely vicious blows, our heroes annihilated the beasts.

Nearby, the party found that the Kruthik had burrowed their way into an old tomb, which they found to house several knights and a lord. Above each sarcophagus was displayed the weapons of these heroes of old. The adventurers were tempted by the finely-crafted weapons, but ultimately felt it best to leave the dead to their rest.

Nearby, the four found another hole dug by the Kruthik leading farther into the earth. As they stared into that dark hole, they could hear the sound of hundreds of clawed feet scuttling about underground.

To be continued next week…

Week 5 Review
in which our heroes face off against a really big bug.

As Trogdor, Tealey, Sa’reen, and Amatsu stood over the hole in the cave floor, there suddenly erupted from below the sounds of battle. Clanging steel and flashing explosions echoed through the cave. Securing a rope to a nearby rock, Trogdor and the others quickly descended into the tunnel below. There they recognized their old ally Chopps fighting alongside a tiefling they had never seen before. Quickly dispatching of the attacking Kruthik, the new friends exchanged greetings. Chopps’ new friend was Jizo, a tiefling of impressive magical power.

Further down, the tunnel opened up into a large cavern. All around were holes that looked to have been dug by the Kruthik. Amatsu crept silently up to the largest of the holes. Peering in, he could not see the bottom. Hoping to discern how deep it was, he dropped a stone down the hole. After a long moment of silence, there came the sound of angry hissing. As Amatsu tried to scramble away from the hole, up came an extremely large and extremely angry Kruthik. The beast quickly advanced on the party, calling up it’s hatchlings to join the fight. With vicious claws and burning acid, the Kruthik hive lord tore away at the heroes. However, Jizo’s quick thinking and powerful magic subdued the beast for a time, allowing the party to deliver a series of powerful blows, including Sa’reen’s massive flames summoned from the Feywild. After much trial and bloodshed, the creature lay before them, defeated. The hatchlings quickly fled at the site of their fallen leader.

Cutting open two nearby Kruthik cocoons they found a young dwarf and a human male. As best they could (after struggling a while with the rope) the party carried the unconscious pair back to the surface.

After tending to a bit of business, retrieving their reward from Captain Daniel, and visiting some shops in town, the party retired to the Nentir Inn for the night. While trying to convince the owner, Erandil, to give them a free room, Tealey and Sa’reen were abruptly joined by Trogdor, who intimidated Erandil into giving them everything they needed. Thanks to some smooth talking by Jizo, the party avoided any confrontation with the city guard.

The next morning, after Tealy and Sa’reen had a lengthy conversation with the kitchen assistant, Ellen, the party went to visit Teldorthan Ironhews. Teldorthan, a cheerful old dwarf, was so grateful for the rescue of his son from the Kruthik that he offered the party any of the goods in his shop.

Just then a guard showed up to summon the party on behalf of Captain Daniel. It seems that the man the party rescued on the previous day is, in fact, a soldier of Nibleheim. The soldier refused to speak to the guards, so the Captain thought the adventurers might have better luck.

And they did, indeed, have some better luck. The heroes intimidated and coerced the soldier into revealing his secrets. His name is Philip Nelfry and he left his unit to find his family. Nearly ten years ago, when the king of Nibleheim began his expansionary war, Philip sent his wife and son away for safety. But once Philip discovered that Nibleheim was making moves against Midwilder, he set out to find his family. Making half-hearted promises to watch out for Philip’s family, the party left him with the city guards.

Week 6 Review
in which Trogdor meets a comrade and the party faces the green meance.

Having debriefed Captain Daniels (who’s brother, Jack, Trogdor desperately wants to find apparently) our adventurers met a new ally, Kazmira. Having heard of the Earl’s call for aid, she came to Panward’s Crossing in search of adventure. She arrived too late to aid in saving the Earl’s keep, but she certainly found adventure.

After thorough discussion about Tealey’s promise to Philip Nelfry (she agreed to see to his family’s safety in exchange for information about the Nibleheim army) and Chopps’ desire to acquire some Mithril, the party agreed to head west, first to Elric Monastery and the on to the Dawnforge Mountains.

On the road to Elric Monastery the party came upon a most unusual band. A large group of monks, led by a heavily injured Dragonborn Paladin, were coming down the road away from the monastery. The Paladin was Balasar Trinn, a Paladin of Bahamut. He greeted Trogdor warmly as a fellow warrior of light, and implored his help. The Elric Monastery had been beset by a band of orcs, who had defiled the holy place in the name of their war god, Gruumsh. Swearing to help his brother in arms, Trogdor led his band of heroes on to the monastery while Balasar led the monks on to safety in Panward’s Crossing.

Upon reaching the hill upon which the monastery sits, the party crept carefully through the small wood surrounding the monastery walls. As they watched and planned, observing a number of orcs gathered outside the gates, the snapping of branch behind Jizo alerted him. Whipping around suddenly, he found himself facing a human cleric. Solomon Vicker is a holy man of advancing years, though he has the strength and resolve of a younger man. As the party stood discussing their next step, their voices were overheard by one of the orcs. The result was a hand axe flying through the air and landing squarely into a tree next to Jizo’s head.

A raging battle ensued as the party charged the orcish marauders. Fires blazed, blades flashed, and magic pierced the air until every last orc lay defeated upon the ground.

After pausing to regroup, the party moved into the outer walls of the monastery. From around the corner of the hall, the voices of arguing orcs could be overheard. Trying to get a good view, Tealey braced herself against the wall and carefully leaned out. Unfortunately, even the most agile rogues slip sometimes, and a lose chunk of stone fell from the wall, making a loud crash, which alerted the orcs. As two of the orcs charged down the hall at the party, the remaining two continued to pound at the door they had been working at for some time.

The party easily handled the two crazed orcs charging them, but the other two orcs managed to bash down the door at the end of the hall in the mean time. Responding to the sounds of battle and the cries of human voices, the party rushed down the coridor in pursuit of the green-skinned beasts. In the room, which was apparantly sleeping quarters, they came upon the scene of a loan dwarf doing his best to hold off two battle-crazed orcs. In the corner was a small group of civilians huddling together in fear.

With their well-trained battle techniques, the party quickly dispatched of the two orcs remaining in the room. Tealey, feeling hopeful, turned to the group of people cowering in the corner. “I’m looking for Sarah Nelfry!” After a moment, a travel-worn woman raised her head. “I’m Sarah Nelfry…”

to be continued….

Week 7 Review
in which our heroes slay more orcs.

Having worked their way into Elric Monastery, our heroes just rescued a group of civilians that had holed up in the guest quarters of the monastery. It was there that they met Ballow Bronzebottom, Sarah and Arthur Nelfry (wife and child of Philip Nelfry), a young half-elf woman, and two of the resident monks. Tealey told Sarah of the rescue of her husband, conveniently leaving out that he is now a prisoner in Panward’s Crossing. After some discussion, Ballow agreed to lead the rest of the group out into the surrounding woods to hide out along with the aid of Kazmira.

The remaining adventurers proceeded to explore the rest of the outer rooms of the monastery. Rounding one corner, they heard two orcs arguing fervently outside one of the closed doors. Creeping silently through the shadows, Tealey quickly unloaded two shuriken into the unaware orcs, killing them before they even had time to cry out.

Further exploration found Brother Seamus, the prior of the monastery, hiding out under a bed in the monks’ sleeping quarters. Clearly not a brave man, he eagerly accepted the heroes’ suggestion to escape to the woods by way of the now-clear path.

The next door they opened found them in the library, where a number of orcs were trying to bash their way into some of the monastery’s treasures. Barging into the room in a fury, Trogdor unleashed his fiery breath on the orcs, scorching a number of books in the process (much to the dismay of Solomon and Jizo). After a lengthy struggle with the beasts, our heroes were victorious. And thanks to the efforts of Jizo and Solomon, the flames were contained to one of the bookshelves.

After finding a few more orcs rummaging in the storage room and quickly dispatching them, our heroes prepared for the final assault on the courtyard.

to be continued…

Week 8 Review
in which our heroes learn of a deeper plot.

Having cleared most of the orcs out of Elric Monastery, our heroes readied themselves for the final charge into the courtyard. Creeping carefully out, Tealey attempted to scout out the area. With things looking fairly clear from this side of the courtyard, she beckoned her companions out. Unfortunately, not all are quite so stealthy. Some of the orcs became suspicious and came to investigate. The time for hesitation was over. The party dove head-long into battle with the green-skinned beasts. The adventurers pushed the beasts back to the chapel, where one of the larger orcs suddenly let out a long tone on a crude horn, summoning the remaining orcs that had been in hiding. As the battle raged on, the chapel doors came flying open and out stormed a one-eyed hulk of an orc: their shamanistic leader and worshiper of the evil god Gruumsh.

With clever tactics and powerful blows, our heroes overcame the last of the orcs that had infested the monastery.

On the body of the Gruumsh priest they found a strange medallion: it bore the same “G” symbol that was seen on the letter they procured from the necromancer that had been terrorizing the Village of Harken. Fortunately, there was one individual at the monastery that could inform them as to the meaning of this.

Brother Witold, an elderly monk, revealed that he had once been a member of The Council of Godric, a powerful organization of five wizards. They were the five greatest archmages in the world, and they were the self appointed overseers of magic. The Council disbanded after a time, with the council members agreeing to give up their powers. But now Witold suspects that this seal means that one of their number is trying to regain the power he lost.

Just as Witold was revealing the location of the Council’s tower, Jizo and Sa’reen detected a powerful magical presence. A shadow was moving through the room and heading directly for Brother Witold. Thinking quickly, Sa’reen launched a spell at the figure, knocking it back. A fel voice filled the room threatening, “You fools will stay away if you value your lives!” With that, the shadow dissipated.

Brother Witold breathed a sigh of relief. This was clearly an act by the same wizard that he spoke of. He instructed the adventurers that, if they are willing, they should journey to the Council’s Tower in pursuit of this wizard.

Meanwhile, Chopps was speaking with Ballow Bronzebottom, a dwarf who had been staying at the monastery when it was attacked. After some brief conversation it was revealed that Ballow is heading to work in the very Mithril mine that Chopps had intended to visit. It seems that Ballow’s cousin is the foreman at the mine. He agreed to journey with the party into the mountains as far as his destination.

After a good night’s rest, the stalwart heroes will journey into the frigid peaks of the Dawnforge Mountains.

Next week…
The season finale of “Ripples of War” as our heroes storm the Council’s Tower!

Week 9
in which our heroes storm the Council's tower.

After learning from Brother Witold of The Council of Godric and that, in all likelihood, one of its former members is attempting to regain his power, the party set off into the Dawnforge Mountains. They were accompanied by Ballow Bronzebottom, a young dwarf headed for the newly opened mithril mines. He journeyed with them as far as the mines and then set off on his own way.

The group marched higher and higher into the peaks, the air getting colder as they went. Heavy snow-fall slowed their progress until at last they could see the tower in the distance. As they neared the base of the tower they saw something which surprised them: a large tent set up in the middle of the snowfield.

Stepping into the tent, Tealey and Sa’reen found a fairly cozy set-up: with a small fire; a cot with warm covers; and, most curiously, a wooden table covered in tomes. As Sa’reen approached the table a voice, seemingly right out of the air shouted, “Who are you and why have you come here?!” Moments later, an elderly man appeared out of nowhere.

After some conversation the adventurers learned that this was Saliman, a member of the Council. He came to this tower in hopes of stopping whatever renegade councilman is seeking his power, but was stopped when he found the enemy had set up a barrier which bound any other Council members from entering the tower. With a renewed sense of purpose, our heroes headed in to the forbidding tower.

Inside the tower they immediately felt a sense that there was strong magic at work. Passing through the entryway they reached the library, where a sign read “Silence in the Library.” They soon learned that this was not so much a request as a compulsion you can not avoid. Inside the library no sound could be heard. Any words died before they left their lips. What’s more, the spectral librarians did not take kindly to the intruders. After dispatching of several living shadows, the party made good their escape just as even more of the creatures appeared.

As they climbed higher into the tower they found themselves in a large square room with curious stone blocks. Each stone block had numbers on all six sides. Using their clever thinking, the party determined that the blocks must be aligned properly to break the seals on the surrounding doors. The moment the last block dropped into place, a deep voice boomed, “Speak the word of unbinding!” With a start, Sa’reen exclaimed, “Aw, crap!” To which the voice responded, “You have spoken wrongly.” At that moment, the decorative armor surrounding the room came to life and made an attack on the party. Without too much difficulty, the party destroyed the faceless guardians and collected the long-held treasures behind the formerly-locked doors.

Working their way to the roof, the party found their quarry: four crystal orbs surging with power. A vast shadow passed over them. The sound of great wings flapping filled their ears and suddenly something dropped from the sky and landed with a sickening crack in the center of the tower. It was the body of Saliman, though horribly mangled. A dark voice spoke to them, seemingly from within their own minds, “You are proving to be a thorn in my side. You will now join your friend!”

The form of an enormous black dragon landed directly in front of them. The creature is so dark it seems to absorb the very light around it and an energy pulsed from the crystal orbs into the dragon.

Quickly realizing the source of the dragon’s power, the party made an effort at destroying the crystals. Trogdor and Chopps were able to hold the beasts attention long enough for the remaining adventurers to destroy the crystals, taking away the dragons strength. Quickly the shadows that had surrounded the dragon melted away, revealing the animated corpse of a once great beast. Unleashing all of their power on it, the dragon was defeated and reduced to a heap. The moment the body of the thing was destroyed, a man cloaked in shadow stumbled back, seeming to come right out of the dragon. With a curse and a threat, the enemy opened a portal, which he quickly leaped through, leaving the adventurers alone with the corpse of their new found ally, Saliman.

Week 10 Review
in which our heroes lead an army into battle.

With the rogue wizard defeated, for now, our heroes took the battered body of Saliman down to the base of the Council’s tower. Gathering up the bits and pieces of his destroyed tent, the party formed a funeral pyre to send the noble wizard off with respect.

Examination of the journal Saliman had been carrying revealed that he had been searching for the other council members for some time now. According to the journal, his trail for Dagda had gone cold; rumors suggested that Alberich had gone to make his home among the people of Avanson; and Sindri has gone back to be with his people.

The party decided that, since the mine is on their way out of the mountains, they would stop to visit the Bronzebottoms in hopes of getting some mithril ore for making more powerful weapons and armor.

On their approach to the mine, the keen elven senses of Amatsu and Kazmira alerted them to the fact that they were being followed. After leading their unknown pursuer ahead for a while, they decided to try to approach his hiding spot. As they did, they saw the figure dashing over the rocks away from them. Tealey took off in a sprint, closing the gap quickly. She caught up to him as he was climbing a rock face to escape. Grabbing him by the ankle, she threw him to the ground, where Amatsu caught him and held him.

After some heavy interrogation (and some finger-breaking by Chopps), the man revealed that he was a scout for Nibleheim, and a detachment of troops was already in route to the mithril mines, with designs of taking it for themselves.

Upon their arrival to the mines Willic Bronzebottom, foreman of the mine, greeted them gratefully. His cousin, Ballow, had spoken highly of the adventurers after their exploits at Elric Monastery. After some discussion on the matter, the heroes agreed to lead the rag-tag group of miners and guards into battle in defense of the mines.

And so as the sun broke over the Dawnforge Mountains the army took to the field of battle. Many brave men died that day in defense of their livelihood. In the end, the heroes of Midwilder led their army to victory. But, alas, brave Chopps was captured.

After their friend was captured, Willic agreed to aid the heroes in a rescue of their ally. Scouts reported that several dwarves were seen being carried to a small, run-down fortress to the north.

The party approached the stronghold silently, getting the jump on the attending guards. Without much trouble, they dispatched of the squadron posted outside and found their dwarven friend bound in chains. Working with careful skill, Tealey picked the locks and freed him and the two other captives. Just at that moment, the group came under heavy fire from enemy archers. Seeing they were greatly outnumbered, they made good their escape. Trogdor grabbed the dwarves and threw one over each shoulder and Willic, transforming into a powerful ram, carried the third away on his back. Before long the group was safely into the surrounding woods.

Week 11 Review
in which our heroes venture into the city of Avanson.

After thwarting the Nibleheim assault on the mithril mines and rescuing their ally, Chopps, our heroes set off for the great city of Avanson.

That very evening, in a tavern near the Avanson University, our heroes encountered a rather raucous group of dwarves. Chopps immediately took it upon himself to greet and befriend his kinsmen. The most boisterous of their number was Mylan Deephill, son of Roldar Deephill. The inebriated dwarves were shouting insults about the Midwilder army, an act which soon found them in trouble. At a nearby table were seated a number of off-duty Midwilder soldiers who did not take well to the comments by Mylan. A bar brawl broke out and several of our heroes joined the fracas. Sa’reen quickly ran out of the bar to find help. She was soon dashing back into the bar, followed by several Avanson City Guards. In spite of her requests to let her friends go, Amatsu, Chopps, and Jizo were arrested with the rest of the brawlers and hauled off to jail, where they spent the night.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party acquired some extremely comfortable accommodations in The Silver Unicorn, an inn near the University.

Early the next morning the companions reunited and paid bail. By chance, Chopps encountered a young dwarven servant, who had come to pay the bail for Mylan and his companions. He was the servant of Roldar Deephill, who extended an invitation for Chopps to call on him that afternoon.

The party members separated to tend to various business around the city.

Kazmira and Chopps sought out a weapon smith. They met Alex, a half-elven blacksmith who seemed to be very knowledgeable about his craft. He agreed to craft a suit of armor and two blades from the raw mithril that the party had acquired in their last adventure.

Trogdor, Amatsu, and Tealey found their way to the Razor’s Edge Mercenaries, a business that offers muscle for hire. Here they met Melldar Hornswaggle, a greasy man with thinning hair and a demeanor that would pass for “charm” among a group of pirates. He offered them a deal: for 200 gold pieces he could sell them some information that would lead to a great stash of treasure. The three companions didn’t like the look of Mel and, quite simply, did not trust him. They decided to pass on the deal.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Sa’reen and Jizo made their way to the university. They came first to the library, where they met Wendel Fairweather, an old man with a bent back and a warm smile. Hoping to track down Alberich, Sa’reen inquired about the Council of Godric. Wendel seemed to know a bit about the Council, though he expressed that there really is little information regarding them. He eventually directed them to the Dean of Magical Studies, Heinrich. Heinrich seemed very interested in what Sa’reen and Jizo had to say about their recent exploits at the Council’s Tower and their encounters with members of the Council. He invited them to come speak at the next meeting of The Violet Eye, an order of wizards within the university. Sa’reen felt this could be hazardous considering the nature of the person they are hunting after. Understanding their concerns, Heinrich agreed to arrange a private meeting with the leader of their order, Larion.

After finishing his business with Alex the weapon smith, Chopps decided to drop in on Deephill and pay him a visit. Chopps found his way to the Royal Quarter and the home of Lord Thomas, a local dignitary who had been kind enough to give Roldar and his company lodging during their stay. Deephill thanked Chopps profusely for his assistance with his son. It also seems that he had heard the news of the battle at Dawnforge and the part that Chopps had to play. Due to the esteem he had for Chopps, he invited him to join the Order of the Molten Hammer, an ancient order of dwarves dedicated to protecting the dwarven clans. Chopps gracefully accepted the offer and agreed to join Deephill at Barag Sur at the first opportunity.

Meanwhile, Amatsu had designs of his own. He broke away from his party and made for the Razor’s Edge Mercenaries. There, he made an arrangement with Melldar to acquire the information he had previously offered. So far, Amatsu has kept the nature of this arrangement to himself.

Amatsu brought back the information he had acquired and shared it with his group. It seems that there is an old mansion on the south side of town which has long been boarded up. The previous owners were involved the dark arts, and whatever they summoned up was still lingering about. However, there was also valuable treasure hidden under the house. The party agreed to join Amatsu on this venture, though some went very reluctantly.

In the back of the house they found a seal imprinted on the wall. By uttering the magic words inscribed on the parchment Amatsu had acquired, he revealed a secret passage leading down below the house.

Everyone suddenly felt ill at ease about this whole venture. Kazmira begged her companions to turn back.

In the depths they found three rooms. The first two contained a valuable tiara and bracelet, each hidden under locked glass cases. The third contained a door. All three contained riddles inscribed upon the wall. Amatsu solved the first riddle, releasing the bracelet from its case. The moment he touched it an evil presence entered him. His will was no longer his own.

Tealey solved the second riddle, releasing the tiara. The moment she took it for herself, Amatsu attacked his companion! Unsure of what was happening, the party made to attack the elf. As soon as he was struck, a specter flowed out of him and dissipated into the woodwork.

Solving the third riddle unlocked the door, but the evil force returned, taking control of Tealey (unbeknownst to her allies). In the next room they spotted three more treasures: A pendant bearing a large red stone, a small cloth bag, and a crystal orb. As soon as Amatsu picked up the pendant, Tealey fired upon him. And, quite suddenly, elementals came out of the walls to attack the party. Amatsu fell to the grievous wounds inflicted by his ally and the powerful wind elemental, leaving him bleeding on the floor. Tealey finally became free of her possession, but the party was still embroiled in heavy combat with the other-worldly creatures. Sa’reen began charging another spell to strike down the beasts from the elemntal plane…



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