Leeluna Emildor

A traveling bard that has seen the harsh face of war and now seeks to right the wrongs it unleashes.


Luna was raised by her human father after the early death of her elven mother at the age of six. Before that time she hardly knew her father as he was a traveling minstrel. She joined him in his travels and grew to love performing in her father’s show and experiencing all the different towns and cities and the many different creatures and characters she met. It was easy for her to discover her talents of charm and song with every admirer that watched and listened to her.

In her travels over the last several years, Luna has seen the devastation wroght in the lands north of the Great Inland Sea during the Nibleheim Empire’s aggressive expansion war. A year ago she fled to Midwilder after her father was slain in an attack by Nibleheim raiders. After that event she experienced a sense of helplessness and extreme loss.

After spending some time in the dwarven city of Barag Sur, she heard tales of a group of great heroes that led an amazing defensive against Nibleheim and defeated them on the field of battle. Hearing the tales of people that can stand against this empire that has done so much harm lifted her spirits. When the heroes came to Barag Sur she immediately sought them out to join their ranks.

Leeluna Emildor

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