The Ripples of War

Week 9

in which our heroes storm the Council's tower.

After learning from Brother Witold of The Council of Godric and that, in all likelihood, one of its former members is attempting to regain his power, the party set off into the Dawnforge Mountains. They were accompanied by Ballow Bronzebottom, a young dwarf headed for the newly opened mithril mines. He journeyed with them as far as the mines and then set off on his own way.

The group marched higher and higher into the peaks, the air getting colder as they went. Heavy snow-fall slowed their progress until at last they could see the tower in the distance. As they neared the base of the tower they saw something which surprised them: a large tent set up in the middle of the snowfield.

Stepping into the tent, Tealey and Sa’reen found a fairly cozy set-up: with a small fire; a cot with warm covers; and, most curiously, a wooden table covered in tomes. As Sa’reen approached the table a voice, seemingly right out of the air shouted, “Who are you and why have you come here?!” Moments later, an elderly man appeared out of nowhere.

After some conversation the adventurers learned that this was Saliman, a member of the Council. He came to this tower in hopes of stopping whatever renegade councilman is seeking his power, but was stopped when he found the enemy had set up a barrier which bound any other Council members from entering the tower. With a renewed sense of purpose, our heroes headed in to the forbidding tower.

Inside the tower they immediately felt a sense that there was strong magic at work. Passing through the entryway they reached the library, where a sign read “Silence in the Library.” They soon learned that this was not so much a request as a compulsion you can not avoid. Inside the library no sound could be heard. Any words died before they left their lips. What’s more, the spectral librarians did not take kindly to the intruders. After dispatching of several living shadows, the party made good their escape just as even more of the creatures appeared.

As they climbed higher into the tower they found themselves in a large square room with curious stone blocks. Each stone block had numbers on all six sides. Using their clever thinking, the party determined that the blocks must be aligned properly to break the seals on the surrounding doors. The moment the last block dropped into place, a deep voice boomed, “Speak the word of unbinding!” With a start, Sa’reen exclaimed, “Aw, crap!” To which the voice responded, “You have spoken wrongly.” At that moment, the decorative armor surrounding the room came to life and made an attack on the party. Without too much difficulty, the party destroyed the faceless guardians and collected the long-held treasures behind the formerly-locked doors.

Working their way to the roof, the party found their quarry: four crystal orbs surging with power. A vast shadow passed over them. The sound of great wings flapping filled their ears and suddenly something dropped from the sky and landed with a sickening crack in the center of the tower. It was the body of Saliman, though horribly mangled. A dark voice spoke to them, seemingly from within their own minds, “You are proving to be a thorn in my side. You will now join your friend!”

The form of an enormous black dragon landed directly in front of them. The creature is so dark it seems to absorb the very light around it and an energy pulsed from the crystal orbs into the dragon.

Quickly realizing the source of the dragon’s power, the party made an effort at destroying the crystals. Trogdor and Chopps were able to hold the beasts attention long enough for the remaining adventurers to destroy the crystals, taking away the dragons strength. Quickly the shadows that had surrounded the dragon melted away, revealing the animated corpse of a once great beast. Unleashing all of their power on it, the dragon was defeated and reduced to a heap. The moment the body of the thing was destroyed, a man cloaked in shadow stumbled back, seeming to come right out of the dragon. With a curse and a threat, the enemy opened a portal, which he quickly leaped through, leaving the adventurers alone with the corpse of their new found ally, Saliman.


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