The Ripples of War

Week 8 Review

in which our heroes learn of a deeper plot.

Having cleared most of the orcs out of Elric Monastery, our heroes readied themselves for the final charge into the courtyard. Creeping carefully out, Tealey attempted to scout out the area. With things looking fairly clear from this side of the courtyard, she beckoned her companions out. Unfortunately, not all are quite so stealthy. Some of the orcs became suspicious and came to investigate. The time for hesitation was over. The party dove head-long into battle with the green-skinned beasts. The adventurers pushed the beasts back to the chapel, where one of the larger orcs suddenly let out a long tone on a crude horn, summoning the remaining orcs that had been in hiding. As the battle raged on, the chapel doors came flying open and out stormed a one-eyed hulk of an orc: their shamanistic leader and worshiper of the evil god Gruumsh.

With clever tactics and powerful blows, our heroes overcame the last of the orcs that had infested the monastery.

On the body of the Gruumsh priest they found a strange medallion: it bore the same “G” symbol that was seen on the letter they procured from the necromancer that had been terrorizing the Village of Harken. Fortunately, there was one individual at the monastery that could inform them as to the meaning of this.

Brother Witold, an elderly monk, revealed that he had once been a member of The Council of Godric, a powerful organization of five wizards. They were the five greatest archmages in the world, and they were the self appointed overseers of magic. The Council disbanded after a time, with the council members agreeing to give up their powers. But now Witold suspects that this seal means that one of their number is trying to regain the power he lost.

Just as Witold was revealing the location of the Council’s tower, Jizo and Sa’reen detected a powerful magical presence. A shadow was moving through the room and heading directly for Brother Witold. Thinking quickly, Sa’reen launched a spell at the figure, knocking it back. A fel voice filled the room threatening, “You fools will stay away if you value your lives!” With that, the shadow dissipated.

Brother Witold breathed a sigh of relief. This was clearly an act by the same wizard that he spoke of. He instructed the adventurers that, if they are willing, they should journey to the Council’s Tower in pursuit of this wizard.

Meanwhile, Chopps was speaking with Ballow Bronzebottom, a dwarf who had been staying at the monastery when it was attacked. After some brief conversation it was revealed that Ballow is heading to work in the very Mithril mine that Chopps had intended to visit. It seems that Ballow’s cousin is the foreman at the mine. He agreed to journey with the party into the mountains as far as his destination.

After a good night’s rest, the stalwart heroes will journey into the frigid peaks of the Dawnforge Mountains.

Next week…
The season finale of “Ripples of War” as our heroes storm the Council’s Tower!


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