The Ripples of War

Week 7 Review

in which our heroes slay more orcs.

Having worked their way into Elric Monastery, our heroes just rescued a group of civilians that had holed up in the guest quarters of the monastery. It was there that they met Ballow Bronzebottom, Sarah and Arthur Nelfry (wife and child of Philip Nelfry), a young half-elf woman, and two of the resident monks. Tealey told Sarah of the rescue of her husband, conveniently leaving out that he is now a prisoner in Panward’s Crossing. After some discussion, Ballow agreed to lead the rest of the group out into the surrounding woods to hide out along with the aid of Kazmira.

The remaining adventurers proceeded to explore the rest of the outer rooms of the monastery. Rounding one corner, they heard two orcs arguing fervently outside one of the closed doors. Creeping silently through the shadows, Tealey quickly unloaded two shuriken into the unaware orcs, killing them before they even had time to cry out.

Further exploration found Brother Seamus, the prior of the monastery, hiding out under a bed in the monks’ sleeping quarters. Clearly not a brave man, he eagerly accepted the heroes’ suggestion to escape to the woods by way of the now-clear path.

The next door they opened found them in the library, where a number of orcs were trying to bash their way into some of the monastery’s treasures. Barging into the room in a fury, Trogdor unleashed his fiery breath on the orcs, scorching a number of books in the process (much to the dismay of Solomon and Jizo). After a lengthy struggle with the beasts, our heroes were victorious. And thanks to the efforts of Jizo and Solomon, the flames were contained to one of the bookshelves.

After finding a few more orcs rummaging in the storage room and quickly dispatching them, our heroes prepared for the final assault on the courtyard.

to be continued…


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