The Ripples of War

Week 2 Review

in which our heroes kill some goblin scum.

Our heroes fought valiantly through the old catacombs that the Goblin band had taken for their own. Their leader and his pet Dire Wolf were struck down after a long and bloody battle. This band of monsters will no longer trouble the village of Harken. In the pocket of one of the goblins was a curious note. It instructed the goblins to begin bringing villagers to a place known as Waylon’s Dagger. The mighty Tiefling Warlord (whose true name escapes me at the moment, but in some circles he is called “Claude”) had heard tales of a ruined tower deep in the woods by that name.

The party returned victorious to Harken. Old Kellar handed out the promised reward. When questioned about “Waylon’s Dagger” he couldn’t provide much information, aside from offering that the party should visit Phaedrus, a learned hermit who dwells in the woods.

Being industrious adventurers, Amatsu and the Warlock with no name found Philip, a merchant in town, who was willing to purchase the used weaponry they had gathered from the goblins.

That night the party celebrated at the local pub. Chopps challeneged the bartender to a drinking contest; and being a dwarven brewmaster, he simply couldn’t refuse. (You’ve never seen a drinking contest like one between two enthusiastic dwarves!) Being the stoic paladin that he is, Trogdor sat quietly in the corner, sipping his ale whilst his companions drank themselves silly. Chopps won the drinking contest, earning free ale for the whole party.

The next morning the party set off into the woods in search of Phaedrus the Hermit. They soon found a small cabin in the woods where an old man dozed on the front porch. Amatsu shouted to wake the old man, who woke with a start and went into his cabin grumbling. At first he wanted nothing to do with the adventurers, but the Warlock, being a charming Eladrin woman, won the favor of the old hermit. He told them that Waylon’s Dagger was once the tower of a powerful necromancer. He built the tower in that place specifically due to the powerful necromantic magics that flow beneath it.

The party set off deeper into the woods to find the tower. At last they reached a clearing where they found a tower half fallen down. From the edge of the clearing they could see several ruffians dragging some bound individuals into the tower. Most strangely, though, was that upon entering the tower they found no one. Amatsu deduced, due to his adept dungeoneering knowledge, that there was a secret stairway below the floor, accessed by a hidden lever.

Descending into the dark, Amatsu found himself in a room filled with several men dealing in money over the prisoners that were just brought in. The party atempted to trick the guards with the classic “I’ve got some prisoners” routine. It almost worked, too, but the leader of the bunch became suspicious when the party failed to give a believable answer as to how they knew of this place. A battle ensued, and our heroes fought valiantly. At last only one of the bandits was left. Chopps held him while Trogdor scared him into confession. Unfortunately the man didn’t know much more than what could be readily descerned, so they killed him. Amatsu unlocked the cage in the corner, freeing the family that had been imprisoned there. The family thanked the party thoroughly and hurried out of the dungeon.


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