The Ripples of War

Week 17

in which our heroes get blasted to the past.

Entering into the Feywild, our heroes quickly encounter a band of Eladrin rangers guarding the borders of their great city. After learning their identities, the guard captain is pleased to lead the group to speak with the king and queen of the Eladrin kingdom.

Before settling in for the night, Sa’reen is summoned to the queen’s chamber by name. It seems that her highness knew Sa’reen’s brother and still had in her possession the broken half of his staff. Since Sa’reen now carries on in her brother’s footsteps, it seemed only right that the magical artifact be gifted to her.

The next morning, as our heroes met with the king, discussing their mission to seek out Sindri, the sound of a great horn rang out across the Eladrin city. The city was under siege. Lending their strength to the defense of the city’s power crystals, our heroes fought wave after wave of orc and ogre. As the battle raged on their spirits fell upon seeing the shattered, broken form of Gallindan reanimated and turned against them. Their kind-hearted ally had become a puppet of whatever evil forces were now attacking the great city.

As they smote their friends remains, finally putting him to rest, the sound of great leathery wings came from beyond the city wall. As they looked up in horror, our heroes saw a great black dragon, ridden by none other than Larion, leader of The Violet Eye. They had been deceived! Larion is, in truth, Alberich of The Council of Godric. Laughing maniacally, Alberich channeled the energies of the city’s power crystals and opened a spiraling vortex behind our heroes.

As they felt themselves tugged backwards into the portal, they felt the distinct feeling that they would be hard-pressed to make their way back to this world.


Quailpinch Quailpinch

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