The Ripples of War

Week 15

in which our heroes face down an undead ogre.

Ever so carefully, Tealey and Kazmira crept into the next room. There was a deafening sound of crackling energy echoing down the hall. Inside they found a large monolith of pure energy flanked by two hulking undead creatures. As they moved further into the room, the creatures made their move and engaged our heroes in battle.

Moments later, a large, undead ogre came running from the far room. It was Koptila, the former leader of these ogres who had sacrificed himself. Sa’reen identified the monolith as being composed of pure necrotic energy, and quickly spotted a crest hanging on the far wall which seemed to be providing the monolith with its power.

The heroes soon felled one of the hulking abominations only to find it resurrected by the power of the monolith. They realized that it must be destroyed if they are to make any headway against their foes.

As the battle raged on and the party took heavy blows from the enormous creatures, Sa’reen made it to the crest, which she had knocked off the wall with her magic energy, and tossed it toward the monolith. Tealey picked up the slack and pushed it the rest of the way. When the monolith met with the crest, they both suddenly disappeared into themselves. The undead beasts immediately began decaying.

Koptila fled back to his tomb, but our heroes pursued him to ensure that the creature was utterly destroyed. It was fearsome battle, and several of our champions came very near to death, but in the end they were victorious and slew the monstrosity.


Quailpinch Quailpinch

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