The Ripples of War

Week 14

in which our heroes meet some new allies.

The party arrived late at the great dwarven city of Barag Sur, which dwells under the mountain called by the same name. Early the next morning they arose early to go meet with the Order of the Molten Hammer so that Chopps might get initiated. As they crossed the market place they were approached by a lovely young half-elf woman. Her name is Leeluna Emildor, but her friends call her “Luna.” She is a traveling bard and has heard a good deal about these heroes recently. She asked the party if she might join them out of her desire to combat the great forces that threaten this land and its people. Our heroes gratefully accepted her help.

Chopps was greeted excitedly by the attendant outside the Dwarven Council’s chamber. As they entered the chamber they found that the council was in the midst of a heated debate with a human wearing clerical garments. This man was Severian, Cleric of Pelor and friend of Brother Witold. It seems that Witold had seen in a vision that ancient magics were being awakened beneath Barag Sur.

Ages ago there was a tribe of ogres that lived beneath this mountain. When this tribe came under attack from other-worldly forces, the leader of the tribe prayed to the gods asking for deliverance from this fate. The gods said they would save the tribe if the leader sacrificed himself, which he did willingly. Instantly the ogres were whisked away through time and space. But now they may be returning. Severian insists that the dwarves must stop their digging lest they unearth this ancient threat.

As they were still arguing over this matter, a young dwarven miner came barging into the council chambers, out of breath. In a panic he reported that ogres had suddenly materialized out of thin air in the southern tunnels, to which Severian exclaimed, “See?! I told you!”

At the behest of the council, Chopps led his companions, old and new, down to the southern tunnels where they found a passage opening into what seems to be an ancient temple.

After making their way into the first chamber, there suddenly materialized around them a number of orcs and ogres. The creatures were bewildered and rather upset to have their space intruded upon. A pitched battle broke out with our heroes ending victoriously.

As they approached the next door (which Tealey picked open as easily as if she were opening a kitchen cabinet) they could hear chanting in a tongue that none of them knew. Sa’reen performed a ritual which enabled her to understand their tongue, which is the language of giants. She heard them offering prayers of thanks to the gods and promising sacrifices to the deities that saved them.

In the room they found three enormous ogres bowing down before a great seal on the floor. Seeing the opportunity for sacrifices, the ogres readied themselves for battle as the party charged in. In the heat of battle Tealey crossed over the great seal on the ground, unaware of the effects it would have on her. She suddenly felt weakened and sluggish. One by one, other members of the party fell under the same curse. In spite of this hindrance, however, the party overcame the ogres.

Using their knowledge of the arcane and divine powers, the party put their heads together to determine that the gods of the ogres were unhappy with the intrusion upon their sacred temple. By offering a prayer of apology, the heroes were cleansed of their curse.

As they readied themselves, they looked at the heavy door before them, wondering what threats they may face next.



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