The Ripples of War

Week 13 Review

in which our heroes bicker.

When last we left our heroes, they were in the midst of a carefully planned scheme to get close to Lord Roivas, a local wealthy land-owner, so that they might assasinate him. This was a mission that Amatsu brought to the party after a private meeting with Melldar of the Razor’s Edge Mercenaries.

Amatsu had managed to arrange a meeting with the Lord, under the guise of being potential land-buyers. After rising early, a few of the party decided to speak to some of the locals before their meeting so that they might learn a bit more about the man they had been sent to kill. In speaking to some of the locals, they found Lord Roivas is not well-loved among his people, though he never strays outside the confines of the law. He never abuses his people, unless you consider taking far more than what is fair (though still, technically, legal) to be abuse. It does seem, however, that the Lord’s daughter, Elizabeth, is well-liked among the people.

Upon returning to the party, a heated argument broke out among the group. It seems there was some heavy disagreement as to whether what was being done here was right.

“The guy is obviously no good!” argued Amatsu.

“I’m sure he’s not the only unfair Lord. Are we just going to kill every Lord that acts like a jerk?” inquired Sa’reen.

“I’m a dwarf. I just want to earn some money and kill people,” says the grizzled Chopps.

“We’re not heroes any more, we’re simple mercenaries! Assassins!” bellowed Trogdor.

After a time, the party divided on opinion, Jizo, Chopps, Amatsu, and Tealey went to attend the meeting with Lord Roivas. Sa’reen begrudgingly went along for fear of her companions getting in over their heads.

Lord Roivas was very suspicious intially. Here were a group of rough-and-tumble looking people claiming they have large sums of money to buy land. It all seemed very fishy. He changed his tune, however, when he learned that they were carrying valuable magical weapons. He agreed to show the adventurers a piece of land.

Not wanting to be a part of the slaying, Sa’reen stayed behind with Trogdor and Kazmira. Shortly after arriving in the Lord’s field, Jizo began to dissorient the guards with his incantations. Lord Roivas suspected foul play and accused the party of bringing an evil presence to his land. Before he or his guards had a chance to react, our heroes unleashed hell upon the nobleman. The man didn’t even have a chance to move before he was completely decimated by their attacks. Two of the guards fled in terror at the site of these seemingly unworldly powers so easily cutting down their master. The braver guards jumped at Chopps, whom was standing in the forefront of the party. Taking her opportunity, Tealey immediately fled, with Chopps yelling after her, “COME BACK HERE, YOU COWARD!”

In the end, the adventurers overcame the guards and made off with the ring of the now deceased nobleman.

Back in Avanson, while Amatsu had another private meeting at the Razor’s Edge, Trogdor found a letter waiting for him at the inn. It was an invitation from Lord Justicar Galad to come join him at the Temple of Bahamut. Trogdor resolved to meet the Lord Justicar first thing in the morning.

At the temple of Bahamut, Trogdor met Lord Justicar Galad, a tall, proud looking man of the Deva race. He is a leading officer in the Order of the Justicar, an organziation of Paladins that dedicate themselves to the unending war against the forces of evil in the world. Wherever they see evil, it is their mission to utterly destroy it no matter the cost.

Agreeing to join their cause, Trogdor was assigned to find and eliminate a witch that had taken up residence in the woods to the south. The party aggreed to the quest and joined Trogdor as they set out.

Through Kazmira’s tracking skill the group found their way to a small cottage in the middle of clearing. Sneaking up to peer in the window, Tealey found that the resident was a lovely young half-elf woman. Intending to try to sniff out whether this is the witch they are looking for, Kazmira knocked on the door and informed the woman that they had heard of a witch operating in that area and whether or not she knew anything about this. Seeming short of temper, the half-elf quickly dismissed Kazmira and slammed the door.

Figuring she would try her hand at it, Sa’reen knocked on the door. Now being quite suspicious about this parade of visitors, the half-elf would have none of it when Sa’reen asked, “Are you a witch?” As Sa’reen began to walk away, she was shocked to find several undead creatures crawling up out of the ground around her. Amatsu immediately loosed two arrows, finding his mark in the brains of two of the monsters and immediately ending their undead existence. Breaking cover, the party attacked the abominations, now quite convinced that this is indeed the witch in question. As the battle raged against the undead, the witch, now showing her true hideous form, burst out the front door of her cabin and placed a hex upon the party. Pointing her staff at Trogdor, she transformed him into a harmless little squirrel. The battle finally came to a head when Chopps charged the witch and cleaved her in two with his Thundering Great Axe.

Feeling satisfied with what they had accomplished, the party set off for the great mountain of Barag Sur so that Chopps might reunite with Deephill and get initiated into the Order of the Molten Hammer.


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