The Ripples of War

Week 12 Review

in which our heroes get a new mission.

...and with a final blow, Chopps cuts down the last of the elemental spirits that he and his allies had been battling in the basement of that old manor in Avanson. Amatsu was rescued from the brink of death by the healing skills of Jizo. The party collected a number of valuable treasures from that accursed place.

On their return from the mansion, Amatsu had another meeting with Melldar. When he returned to his party, he informed them that he had received a new mission. They were to go assassinate a local nobleman.

The next morning the party had their meeting with Larion, leader of The Violet Eye. He informed them that Sindri, a member of The Council of Godric, is an Eladrin and originally from the Feywild side of Sal’dran forest. Since Saliman’s notes had said that Sindri went “back to his people,” it would be safe to assume that he is once again in the Feywild. With the aid of Sa’reen and Jizo, there is a member of The Violet Eye that will be able to open the way into the Feywild, though he needs several days to prepare the ritual. Larion recommends that the party use their extra time to find information about Alberich, who is supposedly still somewhere in Avanson.

That afternoon the party set off to the east in search of the nobleman they were to eliminate. They easily found the manor, surrounded on all sides by farmland. Cleverly deceiving Lord Rovias’ (as they learned his name to be) assistant, Amatsu gained an audience with the Lord. Amatsu claimed that he wished to buy land and suggested an enormous price. Being a greedy man, the Lord agreed to listen to the offer and meet with Amatsu the following morning.

The party set up camp and awaited the next stage of their infiltration.


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