The Ripples of War

Week 11 Review

in which our heroes venture into the city of Avanson.

After thwarting the Nibleheim assault on the mithril mines and rescuing their ally, Chopps, our heroes set off for the great city of Avanson.

That very evening, in a tavern near the Avanson University, our heroes encountered a rather raucous group of dwarves. Chopps immediately took it upon himself to greet and befriend his kinsmen. The most boisterous of their number was Mylan Deephill, son of Roldar Deephill. The inebriated dwarves were shouting insults about the Midwilder army, an act which soon found them in trouble. At a nearby table were seated a number of off-duty Midwilder soldiers who did not take well to the comments by Mylan. A bar brawl broke out and several of our heroes joined the fracas. Sa’reen quickly ran out of the bar to find help. She was soon dashing back into the bar, followed by several Avanson City Guards. In spite of her requests to let her friends go, Amatsu, Chopps, and Jizo were arrested with the rest of the brawlers and hauled off to jail, where they spent the night.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party acquired some extremely comfortable accommodations in The Silver Unicorn, an inn near the University.

Early the next morning the companions reunited and paid bail. By chance, Chopps encountered a young dwarven servant, who had come to pay the bail for Mylan and his companions. He was the servant of Roldar Deephill, who extended an invitation for Chopps to call on him that afternoon.

The party members separated to tend to various business around the city.

Kazmira and Chopps sought out a weapon smith. They met Alex, a half-elven blacksmith who seemed to be very knowledgeable about his craft. He agreed to craft a suit of armor and two blades from the raw mithril that the party had acquired in their last adventure.

Trogdor, Amatsu, and Tealey found their way to the Razor’s Edge Mercenaries, a business that offers muscle for hire. Here they met Melldar Hornswaggle, a greasy man with thinning hair and a demeanor that would pass for “charm” among a group of pirates. He offered them a deal: for 200 gold pieces he could sell them some information that would lead to a great stash of treasure. The three companions didn’t like the look of Mel and, quite simply, did not trust him. They decided to pass on the deal.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Sa’reen and Jizo made their way to the university. They came first to the library, where they met Wendel Fairweather, an old man with a bent back and a warm smile. Hoping to track down Alberich, Sa’reen inquired about the Council of Godric. Wendel seemed to know a bit about the Council, though he expressed that there really is little information regarding them. He eventually directed them to the Dean of Magical Studies, Heinrich. Heinrich seemed very interested in what Sa’reen and Jizo had to say about their recent exploits at the Council’s Tower and their encounters with members of the Council. He invited them to come speak at the next meeting of The Violet Eye, an order of wizards within the university. Sa’reen felt this could be hazardous considering the nature of the person they are hunting after. Understanding their concerns, Heinrich agreed to arrange a private meeting with the leader of their order, Larion.

After finishing his business with Alex the weapon smith, Chopps decided to drop in on Deephill and pay him a visit. Chopps found his way to the Royal Quarter and the home of Lord Thomas, a local dignitary who had been kind enough to give Roldar and his company lodging during their stay. Deephill thanked Chopps profusely for his assistance with his son. It also seems that he had heard the news of the battle at Dawnforge and the part that Chopps had to play. Due to the esteem he had for Chopps, he invited him to join the Order of the Molten Hammer, an ancient order of dwarves dedicated to protecting the dwarven clans. Chopps gracefully accepted the offer and agreed to join Deephill at Barag Sur at the first opportunity.

Meanwhile, Amatsu had designs of his own. He broke away from his party and made for the Razor’s Edge Mercenaries. There, he made an arrangement with Melldar to acquire the information he had previously offered. So far, Amatsu has kept the nature of this arrangement to himself.

Amatsu brought back the information he had acquired and shared it with his group. It seems that there is an old mansion on the south side of town which has long been boarded up. The previous owners were involved the dark arts, and whatever they summoned up was still lingering about. However, there was also valuable treasure hidden under the house. The party agreed to join Amatsu on this venture, though some went very reluctantly.

In the back of the house they found a seal imprinted on the wall. By uttering the magic words inscribed on the parchment Amatsu had acquired, he revealed a secret passage leading down below the house.

Everyone suddenly felt ill at ease about this whole venture. Kazmira begged her companions to turn back.

In the depths they found three rooms. The first two contained a valuable tiara and bracelet, each hidden under locked glass cases. The third contained a door. All three contained riddles inscribed upon the wall. Amatsu solved the first riddle, releasing the bracelet from its case. The moment he touched it an evil presence entered him. His will was no longer his own.

Tealey solved the second riddle, releasing the tiara. The moment she took it for herself, Amatsu attacked his companion! Unsure of what was happening, the party made to attack the elf. As soon as he was struck, a specter flowed out of him and dissipated into the woodwork.

Solving the third riddle unlocked the door, but the evil force returned, taking control of Tealey (unbeknownst to her allies). In the next room they spotted three more treasures: A pendant bearing a large red stone, a small cloth bag, and a crystal orb. As soon as Amatsu picked up the pendant, Tealey fired upon him. And, quite suddenly, elementals came out of the walls to attack the party. Amatsu fell to the grievous wounds inflicted by his ally and the powerful wind elemental, leaving him bleeding on the floor. Tealey finally became free of her possession, but the party was still embroiled in heavy combat with the other-worldly creatures. Sa’reen began charging another spell to strike down the beasts from the elemntal plane…



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