The Ripples of War

Week 16

Having defeated the ogre menace that rose up from the past to threaten Barag Sur, our heroes returned to the dwarven council to report all that had happened. Being quite satisfied with the results of their venture, Roldar Deephill invited Chopps to complete his initiation into The Order of the Molten Hammer. By hammering the seal of the Order into a heavy iron ring, it sealed his bond into the brotherhood, binding him to defend dwarf-kind.

After returning to Avanson, Trogdor returned to the temple of Bahamut to Justicar Galad of The Order of the Justicar. Having completed his task of slaying the witch in the southern woods, Trogdor had proven his dedication to the cause of annihilating evil in the world. Galad thereby initiated Trogdor into the Order.

Upon returning to the inn, the party found a message from Larion indicating that the preparations for going to the Feywild had been completed.

Early the next morning the party sought Larion’s audience at Avanson University. Being that they Sa’reen and Jizo were to now be acting as agents of The Violet Eye, he invited them to become full members. There is, however, a dangerous test that must be endured first. Because the higher practitioners of the arcane arts often find themselves facing forces from other worlds, corruption is a great risk. To ensure that the Violet Eye’s members are incorruptible they must step into the Shadowfell and face down the demons of that dark place. The adventurous pair agreed.

The world fading from around them, Sa’reen and Jizo soon found themselves in a wholly twisted version of our own world. Within mere moments they were set upon by scurrying beasts. Fortunately, they found a way to conjure shadows of their allies to aid in their battle. Before long they overcame the dark forces of that place. As the world of order came back into their view, they found that they now bare on their hands the mark of the Violet Eye.

After journeying the better part of the day across country the party found themselves deep in Sal’dran Forest. Gallindan warned the party that the ritual he was to perform would attract any nearby Fey beasts. In preparation of such an event, Sa’reen performed a ritual of protection to ward off any creatures of the Fey. As Gallindan’s ritual proceeded a number of Fey beasts came and paced anxiously outside the circle Sa’reen had formed.

As the portal opened, the party saw the world of the Feywild spread out before them.


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